Miracle Blend Burnt Umber 30ml

Miracle Blend Burnt Umber 30ml

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Miracle Blend Premium Air Dry Paint is the revolution in Air Dry Painting. Designed to look and paint as smoothly and as translucent as the popular heat set paints without all the chemicals and solvents. This paint is designed to be slow drying and to only require water for their use. 

Instructions For Use
Kit Preperation:
  • Wash your chosen kit well with warm soapy water, use an old tooth brush for small crevices.
  • It is important that there are no oils left on the kit so a good clean with rubbing alcohol afterwards is a good idea if you dont plan on using Primer.
  •   Rubbing Alcohol is not recommended if you plan on using primer.
  • For best results we recommend you apply a layer of the Miracle Blend primer prior to neutralizing and painting.
  • Primer can make the kit look shiny but any shininess will matte down after you have applied a few layers.
How to use Miracle Blend
  • Miracle Blend paints only require water for thinning (cooled boiled water is best).
  • Thin medium also can be mixed with water.
  • Just like with heat set paints a little paint goes a long way so be sparing as you can always add more.
  • We have found Miracle Blend works best when applied with a mop brush and pounced with a firm cosmetic wedge.
  • Unlike with other air dry or even heat set paint Miracle blend paint actually dries lighter.
  • The thin medium is best to use when doing creases and veining.
  • Miracle Blend Correction fluid can be used throughout the painting process when only wanting to remove a minimal amount of paint. Correction fluid may work on cured paint also.
  • Skin booster if used as an all over coat prior to matte sealer will boost the colours in your doll kit bringing her or him to life or can be used after matte sealer for a dewy skin look is used as a final sealer but can be used to dull down any of our glossier mediums.
           Any of the paint colours in the MB range can be used during the neutralizing process.
           Neutralizing should be done in one to several thin washes just as you would for heat set.
           * For orange kits we recommend either aquamarine blue or vein blue applied in thin washes.
           * For pink kits we recommend either mint or Pthalo green applied in thin washes.
           * For grey kits we recommend burnt sienna applied in thin washes.
  • Paint just as you would with other heat set paints.
  • Paint should apply smoothly and effortlessly if beading occurs add a drop or two of Primer to your paint mix.
          Finishing Coats
  • We recommend applying a layer of skin booster to your kit prior to doing the final matte sealing coat  to bring out the colours and depth in your painted reborn.
  • Skin booster can also be used to create a dewy skin look after applying matte sealer.
  • Skin booster can be diluted with water for less intensity.
  • Detailing glaze is a low sheen glaze and is perfect for eyelids, nostrils, ear canals, nailbeds and lips and should be applied sparingly with a brush and pounced out with a wedge.