STT: How to Paint Delicate Eyebrows

STT: How to Paint Delicate Eyebrows

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Learn how to paint delicate eyebrows!

Painting delicate eyebrows on your baby is easier than ever with the techniques you’ll learn from Authentic Reborn™.

Professional reborn artists can create ultra fine eyebrow hairs that most reborners can only dream of.  The reason for that is two-fold:

1. They know some techniques that you don’t know about.
2. They use better equipment and get better results.

Now the veil has been drawn back and you can see what you have been missing.  Authentic Reborn™ has released its newest Special Techniques Tutorial, “How to Paint Delicate Eyebrows”.   

In this STT you will learn:
• The three most important things to do to paint ultra fine eyebrows hairs.
• How to avoid paint blobs
• How to know where the eyebrows should go
• How to erase a bad eyebrow hair without ruining the good ones
• How to make eyebrows three dimensional
• How to remove the shine from eyebrows
• What are the best tools to use and how to use them best

If you would like to use the same tools and supplies that Pat used in making “How to Paint Delicate Eyebrows” then here is a list that will get you started.  The right tools and supplies are half the solution.  Learning the right techniques is the other half. 

 Paint Palette: 7.5” Glass
• Deluxe Brush: #5 Eyebrow & Eyelid Micro Vein 
• Paint Eraser
• Premixed Eyebrow Paint
• 3D Texture Medium for Eyebrow Hairs
• Superior Shine Remover Sealer